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Debra and Jef

“The object of art is to give life a shape."

- William Shakespeare



ActiveArt is Debra and Jef Craig, and was born out of the desire to create functional art that went beyond the one-of-a-kind pieces Debra had been painting for family and friends.

Debra is the artist.  Color, balance, intention and symbolism inform her work, which is inspired by her explorations into the mysteries present in Nature, Indigenous Cultures, Mythology, and the Esoteric Arts. Three herbal apprenticeships, and a wide variety of classes, workshops and experiences have added dimension to Debra’s art expression.

Jef is the technical wizard.  He thrives on troubleshooting the technical mysteries.

Inspiration wasn't hard to find while living many years in the Sierra Nevada's of Northern California. Art is self-exploration. It can become a mirror to help one recognize inspiring aspects about oneself.  

“Nature is connected to (and a part of) our subconscious. Every creature, tree, plant, and insect can and does communicate with us.  These messages are readily available if we are paying attention.“ 

Transitions: "Making Home" is important to do--wherever you are living.  Moving back to Upstate New York, where Debra and Jef both grew up, was a challenge at first.  Everything in the West is big and bold and beautiful. Much was explored and experienced there, but Upstate New York is beautiful, too.  Soon, two cats, the planting of herbs and flowers, and the gorgeous East Coast autumns helped to continue the process where shape and color, heart and imagination play again.


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